Apostle Vince

SAM_0586Vince Johnson is the founder, president, and apostle of Vince Johnson Ministries International (VJMI) and World Fellowship Christian Outreach founded in 1998 and based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Married to his lovely wife Vanessa Johnson for over 22 years, she is the senior pastor of World Fellowship Christian Outreach church in Hawaii, which trains up apostolic leaders.

VJMI reaches out to outer countries and cities such as Philippines, Paris, France, Holland, India, and Bahamas, with invitations extending throughout Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Nepal, and the list just goes on.  Our Vision is to reach the nations through Christ Jesus.

Vince and Vanessa have been ministering the salvation and healing message to thousands across the nations and also on their weekly t.v. program “Where Miracles Abound,” co-produced by Vanessa and has been airing for over 14 years.   A program that teaches the strong message of Jesus Christ, salvation, and demonstrations of the work of the Holy Spirit of God.

Traveling throughout many nations holding miracle crusades and seeing the Lord Jesus Christ save, heal the sick, and bring restoration to thousands. Many people have received miracles,healing salvation,restoration, direction, spiritual impartation from the gift of God placed in these vessels of the Lord.